GLUTES AND LEGS: 20 mins ✔️ ✔️ ✔️The activation is key to switching on your glutes, so they fire up throughout the workout and beyond.I like to do daily glute activation and it only takes 5 mins. Glutes can be lazy little monkeys if you don’t switch them on!🍑 Glute activation with band;Crab walks/hip abductions/kick […]

The truth about eating carbs in the evening.

Have you ever believed that eating carbs late at night will cause you to gain fat; That they will somehow ‘stick ’ to you because you haven’t had time to work them off?  This is a myth.  Let me explain why… Gaining fat happens when you eat surplus calories, no matter what time of day […]


First Love Yourself ™ Fitness Trowbridge

I really hope that any training you do during this lockdown is done with love and respect towards yourself. These are tough times, and I believe exercise should be a treat; something that enhances our day and our bodies and moods 🧡 I normally run, as it’s faster than walking, but right now it feels […]