“Is this food fattening?”

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This is a question I get asked a lot and it comes from a misunderstanding about what causes body-fat gain. I want to help clear up that confusion. Of course there are some foods with a higher fat content than others, but a food only causes fat gain when it takes you over the calories […]

Protein yogurt

Yogurt Recipe Fitness

Protein yogurt: Great for a dessert or a snack and a good way to increase your protein intake for muscle growth / maintenance. To make: Mix together:Greek or fat free yogurt / protein powder / frozen berries / ground flax. Need some advice to help you get healthy? Get in touch.


First Love Yourself ™ Fitness Trowbridge

I really hope that any training you do during this lockdown is done with love and respect towards yourself. These are tough times, and I believe exercise should be a treat; something that enhances our day and our bodies and moods 🧡 I normally run, as it’s faster than walking, but right now it feels […]