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“Is this food fattening?”

This is a question I get asked a lot and it comes from a misunderstanding about what causes body-fat gain. I want to help clear up that confusion.

Of course there are some foods with a higher fat content than others, but a food only causes fat gain when it takes you over the calories your body needs.

To lose body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit, so let’s say you need 1800 calories a day and you’ve already eaten 1800 calories then eating something else can make it ‘fattening’ (if we must use that word!). If you’ve only eaten 1000 calories so far that day then it’s not going to be ‘fattening’. This is important to know, because so many people deprive themselves of food they love because they believe it’s ‘fattening’ when really they could eat all their favourite foods if they do so within their normal calorie requirements. Don’t miss out! Just moderate! Food is to be enjoyed!

Obviously, I’d encourage you to eat more nutrient-dense, healthy foods (note: you can eat way more volume of these foods than higher fat foods, so you’ll be more full, winner!!!) but you shouldn’t really think of foods as bad or fattening, if you eat a balanced diet. Food is goooood 🧡



First Love Yourself ™ Fitness