First Love Yourself Personal Training and Online Coaching with Lucy in Trowbridge

“Let us help you fall in love with fitness….and yourself!”

About Lucy

I know what it’s like to be rushed off your feet!

I’m a busy, professional (I was a Laboratory Manager of two laboratories, International Quality Manager of several lab teams world-wide and I set up FLY Fitness gym and health cafe in Bath) and I’m a single-mum of two young girls.

I really didn’t have time to train and keep fit, but I fell in love with it and the way it made me feel.

Making time for fitness has given me a new physical and mental strength and some me-time that was really lacking.

Of course, there are days when I’ll choose to sit on the sofa and eat cake when I’ve got a few spare minutes, but I will more often choose to train because I genuinely love it now!

Time and time again, my clients come to me in the same predicament and time and time again I help them fall in love with fitness….and themselves.

Born out of a passion for helping others to feel the many benefits that exercise brings; including strong bodies and strong minds, First Love Yourself PT Trowbridge, Wiltshire offers;